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Ambulance Service in Dhaka – 01701777782

We   provide  emergency   ambulance   service  to   people  with  acute   illness  and  pregnancy  in   Dhaka,  as  well  as Chattogram, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Khulna, Cumilla, Rangpur and all other major citites even in some rural areas in Bangladesh. We  have  trained  paramedics,  and  doctors  in  some cases, and a range of fully equipped ambulance vehicles. Our system operates in a  coordinated  partnership among various organizations provide high quality pre-hospital  medical  care.  Basic  life supports  are  provided  in  almost  every ambulance while advanced life support services  are  provided  by  several ambulance  services and all helicopter ambulance services in Bangladesh. These services provide cardiac monitoring, intravenous cannulation, and insert advanced airway system.

Our lives are valuable. It is important to get ambulance service in the country, especially all parts of Dhaka. As Dhaka is the busiest and most crowded city, traffic makes it nearly impossible to reach destination, i.e. hospital or home. Our teams are expert enough to beat the traffic and reach to the patients’ home or to the hospital in a timely manner. You may feel comfortable about our arrangement as all the ambulances are full-furnished with necessary equipment, oxygen cylinders, wheel chairs, stretchers. Each ambulance has a neat and clean bed for the patients. There are comfortable seats for the companions of the patients. We are ready providing you the suitable ambulance service from one district to another.

We provide ambulance service from different hospitals. You may reach us from Square Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Shahid Suhrawardy Hospital, United Hospital, Apollo Hospital Dhaka, Asgar Ali Hospital, Dhaka Medical Hospital, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Chittagong Medical Hospital, Barisal Medical Hospital, Khulna Medical Hospital, Rajshahi Medical Hospital, Enam Medical Hospital, Uttara Adhunik Medical Hospital, Midford Hospital and other hospitals in Dhaka and outside. You can reach us at Dhanmondi, Lalmatia, Baridhara, Gulshan, Sutrapur, Uttara, Mohammadpur, Badda, Jatrabari, Wari and other major parts of Dhaka.

We provide different types of ambulance. There are mainly – AC ambulance, non-AC ambulance, freezer van ambulance, ICU ambulance, NICU ambulance and air ambulance. We provide ambulance according to your need and patient’s condition. However, the basic ambulance we provide is non-AC ambulance which is cheap and cost effective. The rent of other types of ambulance we provide is cheap too. Be sure that, you get the right type of ambulance in cheaper price and in quickest possible time. It saves time, money, energy and above all a valuable life. Follow this simple process: – Call our number, get the ambulance and get to the hospital; or grab your phone and call the number to get the ambulance and reach home.

Get a look at different types of ambulance we provide.
AC Ambulance
Non-AC Ambulance

ICU Ambulance
NICU Ambulance

Freezer Van Ambulance
AIR Ambulance

AC and non-AC ambulance

AC ambulance is equipped with air condition system, that doesn’t belong to a non-AC ambulance, to keep the inner condition of the vehicle cool. This is suitable to maintain an appropriate temperature for any patients being treated. It is also needed for a country where the temperature is very high.

AC and Non ac ambulance is a basic ambulance that has a bed, a stethoscope, an oxygen cylinder, a blood pressure measuring machine, and a first aid box containing syringe, antiseptic medicine, sterile gauze and saline. There should be a doctor, if not possible, at least a paramedic.

ICU ambulance

ICU ambulance is a set up of hospital’s ICU unit in a vehicle. This type of ambulance caters to patients with life threatening injuries and illness to produce constant care. Doctors, along with trained nurses, in that ambulance, ensure normal bodily function until the patient reach to the hospital safely. Patient need to transfer to different unit of hospital or to other hospital if the condition deteriorates and/or after surgery if patient is at high risk of complications.

NICU ambulance

NICU ambulance is used to transport premature and medically fragile infant to hospital. It is mainly used to pick up newborns at hospitals and safely deliver them to the Neonatal Incentive Care Unit. The team members of NICU ambulance are skilled personnel and dedicated caregivers, including nurses and respiratory therapists. Generally, the NICU team members are composed of NICU, a prenatal care unit, doctors and surgical pediatric subspecialists and a neonatal outreach program.

Freezing Van

To move a dead body from one place to another place, the freezing van or freezing ambulance is used for that. In this case, the dead body is kept at the temperature of the filling ambulance (-5%) so that there is no smell from the dead body easily and the body is free from virus and virus free.

Freezing Ambulance anybody can freeze the dead body according to his wishes. In this can any distance from any distance from Dhaka is hiked by distance. And if the car is waiting. In this  case you will have to pay BDT 600/- (Per Hour).

More information: We can bring our freezing cars directly from Japan. All of our quality cars are kept clean with savlon and dettol.

Air ambulance

It is a significant element of modern life to provide emergency medical service. Air ambulance service is provided through air plane and helicopter to move patients to and from healthcare facilities. The crews provide comprehensive pre-hospital and emergency service to all types of patients. Air ambulance started to provide its service to rescue patients form battlefield. Later, it started to extend service to civilian rescue service in their critical moments. Air ambulance is very beneficial for saving lives as it can travel faster and operate a wider coverage area than a land ambulance. It is mainly used to cover a longer distance with a shorter time.

Ambulance Service in Dhaka

Different types of ambulances are available in Dhaka City. You can hire freezer van in a moment. You can also rent AC or non AC ambulances to get to the hospital at proper time. You may face convenience of hiring air ambulance as well. We provide services in all corners of Dhaka and you can rely on us for quick response. We are always ready to get in touch in emergency and provide care from Dhaka to all over Bangladesh.

However, you may have a look of locations for emergency ambulance service where we are ready to provide.

Rajabazar Aambagan Farmgate
Tejgaon Karwan Bazar Kathalbagan
New Eskaton Hatirjheel Elenbari
Tejgaon Industrial Area Nakhalpara Begunbari
Hatirpool Katabon Nilkhet
Shahbagh PG Hospital Poribagh
Aziz Market Shahagh Ramna
Purana Paltan Naya Paltan Baily Road
Siddeswari Malibgh Moghbazar
Holy Family Hospital Kakrail Noyatola
Gabtola Mirbagh Rampura
Ulan Mohanagar Project Banasree
Nandipara Taltola Khilgaon
Adarshabagh Sipahibagh Nutonpara
Bank Colony Sabujbagh Basabo
Shantibagh Baganbari Rajarbagh
Ahmedbagh Mugdapara Kadamtola
Mugda Mugda Hospital Manda
Golapbagh Kamalapur Maniknagar
Tikatuli Swamibagh Gopibagh
Arambagh Motijheel T&T Colony
Wari Malitola Nawabpur
Alubazar Bongobazar Nayabazar
Tanti Bazar Sutrapur Banghshal
Saat Rawza Babu Bazar Islambagh
Puran Dhaka Shahidnagar Lalbagh
Kotwali Sadarghat Mitford Hospital
Pangu Hospital Laxmibazaar Narinda
Dhaka Midical College Doyagonj Karatitola
Jatrabari Faridabad Postogola
Jurain Shyampur Dolairpar
Doniya Shonir Akhra Signboard
Chittagong Road Muradpur Mohammadbagh
Jurain Mistir Dokan Rayerbagh Modinabagh
Enghlish Road Raishaheb Bazar Matuail
Bhuighor Sadam Market Sontek
Demra Matuail Shanarpar
Sarulia Bahir Tengra Rasul Nagar
Konapara Mridhabari Bibir Bagicha
Dhalpur Shekher Jaiga Ganderia
Shuvadda Keraniganj Showarghat
Fakirapool Hemayetpur Savar
City Hospital BSMMU Heart Institute
Orthopedics Hospital Pongu Hospital ICDDRB
Ashulia Zirabo Bashundhara Riverview
Babu Bazar Judge Court Mirhajeerbagh
Sayedabad Tipu Sultan Road Tikatuli
Ittefaq More R K Mission Road Gulistan
New Market Science Laboratory Mirpur Road
Shamorita Hospital BRB Hospital Monowara Hospital
Green Road Green Life Hospital Comfort Hospital
Panthapath Square Hospital Sukrabad
Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital Ayesha Memorial Uttara Crescent
Rapa Plaza Tejturi Bazar Old Dhaka
Sohrawardi Hospital Shishu Hospital BIRDEM
Tongi Uttara Rajabari
Ibne Sina Hospital Delta Hospital Eye Hospital
Atipara Masterbari Bhuiyan Para
Mainer Tek Uttarkhan Sarkarpara
Madhyapara Nowapara Mollapara
Kazibari Abdullahpur Ajompur
Uttara Residential Model Town Phulbaria Nolbhog
Priyanka City Ahalia Hazipara
Naddapra Dakkhinkhan Ashkona
Mollartek CAAB Colony Kawla Bazaar
Uttara House Building Kurmitola Civil Aviation
Ashyian City Barua Bazar Dholipara
Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Kadoitola Uttara Postal Quarter
Madhya Ajampur Uttara Sector 1 Uttara Aarong
Asian University in Uttara Uttara Sector 14 Sector 3
Uttara Jashimuddin Road Airport Rajlaksmi
Gausul Azam Avenue in Uttara Diabari Birulia
Mirpur Mirpur DOHS Pallabi
Mirpur Eastern Housing Mirpur Sare Egaro Mirpur 12
Pallabi Muslim Bazar Mirpur Ceramic Road Mirpur BUP
Kalshi Mirpur Beribadh Mirpur Cantonment
Ibrahimpur Eastern Pallabi Pollobi
Sangabadik Goli/ Residential Area Kalsi Mohammadia Society
Section 11 Mirpur Modina Nagar Palash Nagar
Dewanpara Bauniabadh Namapara
Mastertek Manikdi Balughat
Goaltek Dali Market Goran
Kalibari BAF Block D
Nobaberbagh Kazi Furi Bangladesh National Zoo
Chiriakhana Mirpur- 2 Shinepukur
Mirpur- 14 Mirpur- 10 Tolarbagh
Batennagar Nanderbagh Paikpara
Gabtoli Kotbari Palapara
Lalkuthi Harirampur Bara Bazar Para
Pala Para Jahurabad Dia Bari
Mirpur-1 Shah Ali Bagh Kallyanpur
Shimultola Amtola Bazar Pirer Bagh
Ahmed Nagar Mirpur Monipur Borobagh
Mirpur Taka Museum Rupnagar Kafrul
Mirpur Cricket Stadium Kazipara PSC Convention Hall
Damalkot Dewanpara Baridhara
Baridhara DOHS Kalachandpur Joar Sahara
Kuril Naranagar Bepari Bari
Jamuna Future Park Vatara Nasirer Tek
Bashundhara Abasik Alaka Apollo Hospital Nurer Chala
Kathaldia Nikunja Jamtola
Khilkhet Uttara Namapara Dumni
North South University Progoti Sarani Notunbazar
Pink City Model Town Beraid Bazar Rokeya Sarani
United International University Khilbari Tek Satarkul
Uttar Badda South Badda Tekpara
Merul Badda Bawaila Para Badda
Eastern Housing Merul Aftabnagar
Nasirabad Trimohini Meradia
Gulshan-1 Ghulshan-2 Niketon
Gulshan City Corporation Market Mohakhali Karail
Banani Kolera Hospital United Hospital
Rasulbagh Titumir College Saudi Colony
Mohakhali DOHS Kafrul Agargaon
Taltola Shewrapara Amin Bazar
Dhaka Shishu Hospital Rupali Saikat Moinul Road
Sher E Bangla Nagar Monipuripara Shyamoli
Mohammadpur Bashbari Dhaka Uddyan
Chandmia Housing Chad Uddyan Nobodoy Housing
PC Culture Housing Baitul Aman Housing Adabor
Shia Masjid Ramchandrapur Basila
Washpur Atibazar Panchdona
Jafrabad Shankar Dhanmondi
Bangladesh Medical College Ibne Sina Hospital Rayerbazar
Dhanmondi 27 Tollabagh Zigatola
ZH Shikder Medical College Hazaribagh Burhanpur
Moneswar Enayetganj Nawabganj
Dohar Pilkhana Kamrangirchor
Kalabagan Lalmatia Sukrabad

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