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Platform for better health

canada cytotec HASBD.COM works for the doctors to find patients as well for the patients to find the right doctor and the right hospital services. It tries to build a platform for all – the patients, doctors, hospital owners, healthcare professionals and other health service providers to meet the need of good health for all. A patient can get all types of hospital services, even ambulance, online – that means all types medical services are a click away. This is our endeavor to establish one stop medical platform for everyone in Bangladesh. We believe that our online platform will help millions of people in Bangladesh to take the right decision regarding all sorts of medical and health related issues.

Chik Ballāpur Most people in Bangladesh are living in villages and small towns but most hospitals, clinics and reputed doctors live in big cities and towns. It obliged us to make a bridge “an online database” make people interconnected with doctors, hospitals, ambulance, blood and eye banks and other health service providers.
Our aim is to help people around all corners of Bangladesh to get the healthcare services in an easier process.

The service is FREE

Building hasbd.com is a continuous process so that we can bring the best results according to the search of our users.The cost and fee for doctor’s visit, hospital service and ambulance hiring are as usual. But the services we provide like hospital information, doctor details are definitely free.

A place to know the hospital better

Our website provides an individual page for an individual hospital so that people can know the services of that hospital thoroughly. The hospital manages and updates its own online presence with hasbd.com. The hospital gets the right exposure to the right patients in the right place to provide better service to its existing patients and to acquire new ones.

The patients as well can gather all information regarding costs, fees and facilities before admitting the hospitals. It saves their time and makes them well aware about the expenditure and the quality of the services.

HASBD.COM provides information for the patients to let them know where to get the right service. Hospitals are different about services. Some hospitals provide ICU, some NICU. Some provides very rare and specific services. HASBD.COM makes people aware of a specific service of a specific hospital and helps them to take the right decision

Doctor’s appointment made easy

HASBD.COM is built with the contents of doctors- made for both doctors and patients. With this digital media, the patients can meet the doctors. The basic purpose of hasbd.com is to make the doctor appointment booking easy. All contents of the website are devoted to the wellbeing of patients- to the cure of diseases. The patients can find the right doctors by searching the website’s doctors’ directory, so that they can get the right care at the right time. Not only those, the doctors can attract and engage more patients by building and strengthening their online reputation.

We have listed all sorts of diseases in the search boxes so that the users can find hasbd.com user-friendly.

You are invited here to have a look at the doctor’s profile before booking an appointment. So you can make yourself assured that you are going to the right doctor for checkup or other healthcare solution.

Get ambulance at your critical time

HASBD.COM brings you the first ever online platform for hiring ambulance online in Bangladesh. It reduces the hassles in critical moments. Our team is waiting for your call to have an ambulance in your door at that crucial time.

We have built a network with the ambulance service providers in Bangladesh. We have consulted with them to make the ambulance service process or hiring an ambulance easier and online. We arranged the data in hasbd.com to provide you the ambulance that is nearest you to pick up you and/or someone you love most to your desired destination promptly. The service is 24×7.